Hacked by Future Simple

Forget about OSX terminal. Forget irb. Use ruby everywhere. Meet Yoke.

Text Editor

In your favourite text editor

Imagine working on a ruby gem. Imagine not typing or copying / pasting the same code all over again to irb. Imagine totally ditching irb. Just write everything in a file and execute from the editor of your choice.


While discussing over skype

Imagine ruby brainstorming over skype. Just write your code and execute it in skype. No irb neccessary. Communication is so much faster this way.


While writing an email

Imagine writing an email to a dev friend about zappos.com's http headers recruitment message. Why bother using terminal and copying / pasting? Just use system('') call combined with curl and execute it in email client.

Btw @zappos please use "server_tokens off;" in your nginx.conf to hide nginx version in http response headers.